Kudos for Crooked Door Storytelling

"Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us and share your talents and profession with us. Your stories were both intriguing and inspiring." Sophomore Class of 2017, The Latin School of Chicago

"Your stories were mesmerizing and the students were truly captivated. Storytelling is truly an art many students do not encounter frequently. Each tale added greatly to our cultural understandings." Liz Raser, Morgan Park Academy, 2nd grade teacher, Curriculum Leader, Elementary Division

"Your Kamishibai presentation was delightful and the feedback from those who attended both of your sessions has been overwhelmingly positive. You inspired some to try telling storytelling and many commented how much they enjoyed learning about Kamishibai." JoAnn Dent, Co-chair & Founder, Sheboygan Children's Book Festival; Librarian; Literacy Professional

"Thank you for all the wonderful stories you tell us every time we go to class. Thanks for being here with us." Eighth grade student from "Art and Elements of Storytelling" in-school workshop 

"The children were so enthralled and involved in Mrs. Waller's storytelling. After the fairy tales, the students were able to make many text-to-text connections to their fairy tale study." Louise Larsen, grade 3 teacher, Northside Catholic Academy, Chicago, on "Once and Long Ago Stories"

"Genevieve breathed life into the stories she told my students. It changed the whole direction of the class for the better. The students were more interested, more engaged and more excited about the genre we were working on after listening to Genevieve weave her magic." Peggy Rios, Chicago Public Schools primary-grade teacher, on "Scary Stories"


For more information, or to arrange a storytelling program affordably tailored to your needs, contact:

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Once upon a time...

There was a lady, with reddish-brown hair and greenish-brown eyes and freckles on her arms who loved books and stories as truly as she loved anything in the world. She lived on a tree-lined, sun-streaked street in a cozy old house with a big front porch swing and a fragrant lilac tree in the backyard.

The old house had many old wooden doors: doors that creaked and doors that squeaked. Doors that wouldn't stay shut and doors that stuck when the lady tried to open them. One old door in particular hung very,very crookedly.

One day, as the lady picked up a book that had blown off its shelf, the wind started to whoosh and whistle through the gap at the bottom of the old, wooden, crooked door. The lady felt a light breeze. And then, she felt the old stories stir.

The lady began to remember the tales she had heard when she was just a little girl and the joy and knowledge they had given her. She soon heard traces of more stories, just waiting to be told to those who would listen. So she decided to go out into the world, and tell them.


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